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Calculations: The correlation is calculated using the Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient.What are your Ether and Bitcoin prices predictions by end of 2017.

Bitcoin News Magazine is your source for breaking. shipping the Nano S Ether and Bitcoin hardware. seen some remarkable price action for bitcoin.Live Ether price from all markets and ETH coin market Capitalization.

Bitcoin prices fluctuated largely within a tight range, while the value of ether, the token on the ethereum blockchain, saw a sharp price reduction.Ethereum vs. bitcoin: Price, how to buy and why this new virtual currency is exploding.For now we want to remain neutral while price remains in this technical congestion.ETHER Vs BITCOIN Jun 13, 2017 07. bitcoin price saw a sharp correction.AMD and NVDA both produce graphic cards that are broadly used for gaming purposes.

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Lately, however, they have been sold like hotcakes for the purposes of crypto mining.

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Bitcoin prices remained largely unscathed today, in spite of the hard fork that created rival currency Bitcoin Cash. I own some Bitcoin and Ether.From the reports, one would presume that there would be some noticeable correlation between the stock performance of AMD and the prices of Bitcoin or Ether.

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Price Rise Increases Our Sovereignty. sufficient for 4.5 years given the current upward momentum in Ether price.

Thus, from the results the correlation between AMD and Bitcoin stopped at the beginning of 2017, when AMD ceased to follow the rapid growth of Bitcoin.Because the prices of cryptocurrencies started soaring in 2017, I divided the calculation periods in two segments.I am not receiving compensation for it (other than from Seeking Alpha).Bitcoin, Ether Lead Digital Currency Slide. the price has doubled many times over.

Yet, the price of AMD stayed more or less flat in the same period.Ether Is the Digital Currency of the Moment. The price of Bitcoin has hit record highs.

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Nonetheless, if we look at the correlation between AMD and Bitcoin in the 2 nd period the value is -0.115. That shows a very small negative correlation between these two assets.